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Kickoff workshop

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Project kickoff workshop with public talk by Antony Rowstron.

Virtual Ring Routing: Network routing inspired by DHTs

Antony Rowstron, Microsoft Research, Cambridge

Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa 2006/02/23, 15h30, Sala 6.2.56 (Edifício C6)

Virtual Ring Routing (VRR) is a new network routing protocol that occupies a unique point in the design space. VRR is a clean-slate design inspired by the overlay routing algorithms used in Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs). Unlike DHTs, VRR is implemented directly on top of the link layer and does not rely on an underlying network routing protocol. VRR provides both traditional point-to-point network routing and can provide DHT functionality. VRR has a number of unique features: unlike previous routing algorithms, it does not require network flooding or translation between fixed identifiers and location dependent identifiers. We have currently running implementations of VRR on two wireless testbeds: a 67 mote sensor network and a 30 PC 802.11a-based testbed. Experimental results show that VRR provides robust performance across a wide range of wireless scenarios. In the talk I will describe VRR and present results from both simulations and from the two testbeds.

Antony Rowstron has been a researcher at Microsoft Research in Cambridge for over 6 years. Prior to joining Microsoft Research he worked as a senior research associate in the Computer Laboratory and Engineering Department at Cambridge University. His current general research interests are in the area of distributed systems and networking.

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